Simple invoicing for IT.

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A help desk for IT.

Spiceworks is the Help Desk purpose-built for IT professionals, and Help Desk invoice is built on the Spiceworks platform. The Spiceworks Help Desk features email integration, client-facing self-service portals, integration with device configuration inventory, and more, all 100% free.

Example ticket table

Track issues, expenses and time worked.

Using the free Spiceworks Help Desk, add time and purchases to your tickets to track labor and related expenses. Spiceworks supports different billing rates for each tech, and allows fine-grained time and labor adjustments.

Adding time to a ticket

Support multiple contract types.

Maybe some of your clients pay for actual labor worked and others pay at a flat monthly rate. Sometimes you need to make adjustments like surcharges or discounts. We've got you covered!

Choosing contract type

Create professional invoices in seconds.

Helpdesk Invoice creates an invoice for all closed tickets with the click of a button. Tickets closed within the month are grouped into invoices per client. All labor and purchases are totalled, and adjustments can be made before you send.

Making adjustments to invoice

Get paid faster with online payments.

Your client will receive an email with a link to pay the invoice securely through PayPal™. You can easily see the pending versus paid invoices in the monthly summary view.

Pay invoice online